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Central dust collector selection

Update:May 2019,11

The central dust collector has three different levels o […]

The central dust collector has three different levels of choice.
The first choice is dust prevention, that is, like various diseases, prevention is always more cost-effective than treatment. For example, when loading and unloading materials and belt transfer, adding a flow cell can greatly reduce dust and smoke generation and treatment; When the bulk material is used, the partial sealing is adopted, so that the generated dust and smoke are circulated and consumed by the kinetic energy, and the dust mostly settles naturally. This kind of mechanical dustproofing and dust removal is suitable for most of the dust in most occasions. It is suitable for unpowered dust removal.
The second is to assist with the use of water spray, or foam removal. On the one hand, the direct spray can make the dust particles wet, adhere to each other, agglomerate and grow up, and then it is easy to separate the atmosphere; on the other hand, for the relatively high temperature flue gas, direct spray can realize evaporative cooling and can be made with a small amount of water. Flue gas cooling, volume shrinkage, and speed reduction are also beneficial for dust removal.
Therefore, from the perspective of reducing emissions, saving energy and reducing costs, we should first consider unpowered dust removal and direct spray dust removal. It is only necessary to consider the third option: ventilation and dust removal. Because as long as you choose ventilation and dust removal, you must have high-energy-consuming fans and dust collectors. It is more difficult to save energy and reduce costs. When using a ventilation and dust removal system, first consider the electric dust removal with low energy consumption, and finally consider the bag filter.