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Clean room of the ten common errors

Update:Jul 2017,07

At present, microelectronics, optoelectronics, medicine […]

At present, microelectronics, optoelectronics, medicine, medical, microbiology, instruments, meters, aerospace, aviation, food, health care products, cosmetics and other industries, are widely used clean room. Now with the progress of science and technology, scientific research and production process, the cleanliness of the ambient air requirements are getting higher and higher, but for various reasons, the application of clean room there are some errors. For example:

一、Want me to use, not what i want to use

In the instrument, food, medicine, health care products, cosmetics and other industries, some clean room users do not know why use clean room, do not know what the requirements of the clean room, but do not know how to meet these requirements. Only know that the technical standards or management requirements. In order to obtain a production license, or in order to cope with the inspection, and the construction of the application of clean room. The result clean room is its nameless.

二、Only use, do not monitor

Pollution sources of pollution, may affect the product quality and pass rate, the filter material may break the leak, affecting cleanliness, air volume changes, may affect the cleanliness. Improper management, may affect the cleanliness. Changes in external conditions, may also affect the cleanliness. Therefore, there should be a clean room should always check the clean room cleanliness. General clean room needs to be regularly tested, and some need to test once a day; some need to detect once a week; some need to test once a month. The specific inspection cycle should be based on the clean room cleanliness level. General clean level of clean room, the detection cycle is shorter. Requires a high clean room for continuous testing to ensure that the clean room can achieve the required cleanliness every moment.

三、Only to protect the product, do not protect people

Harmful or harmless, for the product and for people is not the same. Some substances are harmful to the product, harmless to people; there are some substances harmful to people, harmless to the product. For example: sodium chloride, not much harm to people, great harm to microelectronics. Production process of the gas generated, little impact on the product for the production of workers a great impact on health.

The traditional clean room, for the protection of the product to consider more, for the production of health insurance to consider less, not even considered. Electronics industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics industry, more harmful gases, these gases on the human body more harmful, pay attention to the protection of human health is more important.

四、Acceptance of qualified, everything is fine

Some people think: clean room acceptance, everything is fine. actually not. Clean room completion and acceptance, most of the conditions in the air, the measured cleanliness is the cleanliness of the air condition. Dynamic conditions of cleanliness is the impact of scientific research and production of cleanliness. The cleanliness under dynamic conditions is likely to be completely different from the cleanliness of the air condition. Dynamic conditions affect the cleanliness of many factors, the dynamic conditions of cleanliness control within the allowable range of work.

五、A source of pollution that pollutes the entire clean room

Some companies spend a lot of money to build clean rooms, due to improper handling of a source of pollution of the production equipment, pollutants distributed to the entire clean room, resulting in the entire clean room loss of clean function, for the production of serious pollution sources, should take great efforts alone Treatment, separate exhaust. In addition, as far as possible the use of low-pollution production equipment, as far as possible the use of low-pollution production of raw materials.

六、Just work clothes, regardless of the dust on the body
  Clean room work clothes, is to prevent the distribution of human pollutants the main means. Different cleanliness, have different requirements for work clothes. Medical clean room on the cleanliness requirements are not high, uniforms are not sealed, the staff underwear and body particles easily distributed to the clean room of the air, thereby reducing the clean room cleanliness. Staff dust on the underwear is the main source of pollution. Therefore, the medical clean room not only for the uniforms clean clothes and kill bacteria have more stringent requirements, but also for the staff of underwear and body cleaning should also have a higher demand.

七、Local needs, all purification

Some production processes, only some areas need to be clean in the air, all the regional purification, is a great waste. There are some production processes, only the local area needs a high level of purification. The general part only requires a general level of purification. If all use high-level purification, will also cause a lot of waste. General clean rooms are using high efficiency filters, air flow control or control the wind, you can control the local cleanliness, to achieve the purpose of saving costs.

八、Only use, do not manage

Some units, the clean room is used only, do not manage. In fact, dust accumulation, production equipment pollution, raw material pollution, staff pollution, air volume reduction, high efficiency filter leakage and other factors, will reduce the clean room cleanliness. Resulting in product quality decline, the pass rate is reduced. Therefore, in order to ensure product quality, improve the product pass rate, should strengthen the management of clean room. In general, the clean room should be assigned a responsible person to manage.
九、Someone can not control

Some units do not have a special manager for the establishment of clean rooms. Some units, although the establishment of clean room management staff, however, there is no technical requirements for managers. Clean room management, no clean room management expertise. Clean room management, do not know how to manage clean room. Managers do not learn, do not improve, alone experience. Set up not manage the administrator, equal to not set up.

十、Want to manage good, right enough

In order to cope with the inspection, most units set up clean room managers. The manager also wants to manage the clean room well. However, managers often do not manage real power, find problems, and have no veto. The leadership of the unit for the lack of understanding of the importance of clean, do not support the views of managers, resulting in clean room administrator in name only.

Management is a way of offending people, need to get the full confidence and support of the unit leadership. Should choose high technology, strong sense of responsibility to do the management staff, the unit should be the highest leadership care, protection of the administrator. Of course, managers should also lead by example, take the lead in compliance with the clean room management system.