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Clean sampling vehicle

Update:Apr 2019,13

The clean sampling vehicle is suitable for the sampling […]

The clean sampling vehicle is suitable for the sampling of raw and auxiliary materials for pharmaceutical preparations and sterile preparations. It is widely used in the sampling of original materials in special occasions of medicine, preparation, electronics, precision instruments, instruments, food and other industries. According to the requirements of GMP standards, the sampling vehicles produced by our factory have reached 10,000-class cleanliness, and the computer components used at the same time comply with GB1497-85 (electric safety standard); they meet the requirements of GB-191 (packaging standard).
When using, fix the sampling car, turn on the power, turn on the power and the fan switch, the fan starts working, adjust the voltage (usually 220v), and put it into the sampling bucket after the sample car runs for 15 minutes. After the sampling is finished, turn off the fan and power supply and move the sampling car to the original place.