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Clean shed

Update:May 2019,31

CLEAN BOOTH is a simple clean room that is built for th […]

CLEAN BOOTH is a simple clean room that is built for the quickest and most convenient. The clean shed has a variety of cleanliness levels and space combinations. It can be designed according to the needs of use, so it is easy to use and easy to install. The short construction period and the transferability are the main features. The clean shed can also be used to reduce the cost for local installations where high cleanliness is required in some areas of the general clean room. A clean shed is an air purification device that provides a high local clean environment. The clean shed is mainly composed of a box, a fan, a primary air filter, a damping layer, a lamp, etc., and the outer casing is sprayed. The product can be hung or supported on the ground, compact and easy to use. It can be used singly or in multiple connections to form a strip-like clean area.
The clean shed is made of industrial aluminum (or stainless steel square pass, iron square pass spray) as the frame, the fan filter unit (FFU) is supplied with air, and the anti-static drape (or tempered glass) is hung around, and the internal purification level can reach 100- 10,000 levels. Applicable to areas with high requirements for local purification levels in the operating area.