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Negative ion active purification technology.

Update:Aug 2018,24

Negative ions combine with positively charged particles […]

Negative ions combine with positively charged particles such as bacteria, dust, and smoke in the air, and aggregate into balls to eliminate PM2.5 hazards. Experiments have shown that the smaller the diameter of the fly ash, the easier it is to be precipitated by negative ions.
Negative ion purification does not require a filter to eliminate the need for a fan, but instead releases small particles in the air by releasing negative ions, zero noise, zero consumables, and no maintenance costs in the later stages. Ecological negative ion generation chip technology, nano-fullerene negative ion release technology, ecological negative ion technology with negative ion system and pollutant collection system can completely generate ecological-grade small particle size negative oxygen ions equivalent to nature, high concentration and high Purity, no ozone, effectively purify indoor air.