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Purification board

Update:Sep 2018,08

Purification board , also known as clean board, is a co […]

Purification board , also known as clean board, is a composite board made of color coated board, stainless steel and other materials as a surface material. Because of its unique dustproof, antistatic, antibacterial and other effects, it is widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, food, biology and aerospace. Aviation, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research, etc., which are demanding in the indoor environment.
The purification board can be rock wool, polyurethane foam, silica rock, glass wool, paper honeycomb, ceramic aluminum plate, glass magnesium paper, bee, nine kinds of core materials, color steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum-zinc plate, stainless steel, printed steel plate, aluminum foil Paper, PVC, plywood, fiber cement board and other dozens of surface materials, more than 20 kinds of plate type composite board.