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Purification workbench principle.

Update:Oct 2018,13

The clean environment is formed in a specific space whe […]

The clean environment is formed in a specific space where clean air (inlet air) flows in a set direction. Divided by the direction of the airflow, the existing ultra-clean workbench can be divided into vertical, from the inside to the outside and from the side. Considering the quality of operation and the impact on the environment, it is superior in vertical mode. The clean air supplied by the air supply filter plate descends through the operation area at a specific speed, is separated in the middle of the operation area, is sucked away by the front air suction hole and the rear suction window, and the air sucked in the front and rear portions at the lower portion of the operation area is mixed. Together, and pumped into the rear positive pressure zone by a blower, in the upper part of the machine, 30% of the gas is discharged from the top through the exhaust filter plate, and approximately 70% of the gas is re-entered into the operating zone through the oxygen supply filter plate. To supplement the air discharged from the exhaust port, the same volume of air is replenished from the room air through the operating port. This air will never enter the operating area, just forming an air barrier.