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Stainless steel air shower - solar cell clean room escort

Update:Jul 2017,07

With the development of environmental protection indust […]

With the development of environmental protection industry, people love green products more and more, the current solar cells to become one of the bare hands hot products. In the battery production workshop, stainless steel air shower played a guard role. Solar cell is a kind of energy conversion of photovoltaic components, it can be in the sunlight, the light energy into electricity, in order to achieve photovoltaic power generation. The process of producing the battery chip is more complicated, generally through the wafer detection, the surface of the cashmere, the proliferation of knot, dephosphorized glass, plasma etching, plating anti-reflective film, screen printing, rapid sintering and detection of packaging and other major steps The Into the crystal silicon cell manufacturing workshop has a strict set of rules: in the locker room, the visitors must wear dust, hats, masks and shoe covers, and then into the "stainless steel air shower" blowing tens of seconds before they can enter the production Outside the workshop corridor. (Air Shower works: the ambient air through the initial effect of the filter, by a special fan into the static pressure box, and then filtered through the high efficiency filter, blowing from the wind blowing high-speed clean air, clean air to high-speed wind speed by the rotation The nozzle is sprayed onto the body / cargo, effectively and quickly remove the attached dust particles attached to the clothes / cargo.) "Crystalline silicon wafer production requirements for the environment is very high, if a fingerprint printed on top, this battery can only Dispose of the waste. "The staff said. At the end of the corridor in the first room, through the glass inlaid in the wall, you can see a thin as onion skin wafers in an orderly stacked in the square interval. After cleaning, air-dried, will enter the diffusion link. "As a raw material of silicon purity of up to 99.9999%, purity is too high can not generate electricity. Diffusion process is the phosphorus, boron and other elements into the silicon, the formation of positive and negative electron." The staff introduced in this part, the workshop workers wearing More stringent, "the whole body can only show the eyes of the package. Stainless steel air shower by the left box, the right box (interlock device installed in the box), the box, the lower box, the wall, Door structure, the transfer window is mainly used for clean area and clean area, clean area and non-clean area between the small items to reduce the number of clean room to open the door, to minimize the cross between the clean area. Production workshop, you must use stainless steel air shower to escort, so clean and pollution-free.