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Ultra-clean workbench

Update:Oct 2018,27

The clean bench, also known as the clean bench, is desi […]

The clean bench, also known as the clean bench, is designed to meet the needs of modern industrial, optoelectronics, biopharmaceutical and scientific research areas for the cleanliness of local work areas. The air is sucked into the pre-filter through the fan, and is filtered into the high-efficiency filter through the static pressure box, and the filtered air is sent out in a state of vertical or horizontal airflow, so that the operation area reaches 100-level cleanliness, and the production cleanliness is ensured. Claim.
The ultra-clean workbench is mostly 100-level, mainly divided into two categories, one is horizontal laminar flow and the other is vertical laminar flow. According to the operation structure, it can be divided into two types: single-side operation and bilateral operation. According to its application, it can be divided into ordinary super-clean workbench and biological ultra-clean workbench.
Note: The clean bench is different from the Biosafety Cabinet. The ultra-clean workbench can only protect the reagents that are operated in the workbench from contamination, and does not protect the staff. The biosafety cabinet is a vacuum system that can effectively protect the staff.