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What are the related equipment for purification engineering?

Update:Jul 2018,06

The purification engineering system consists of the fol […]

The purification engineering system consists of the following equipment:
Air dedusting system, air disinfection system, air distribution system and other units. The main equipment of the air purification project consists of an induced draft fan, a pre-filter, a main filter (electrostatic precipitator), an ozone sterilizing layer, an activated carbon filter, and a negative ion generator. In addition, the dust-free purification project can also add heating or cooling, constant humidity and other devices to ensure the humidity and temperature in the air.
(1) Induced draft fan: Generally, a multi-stage centrifugal fan is used, which can ensure the air volume and ensure the pressure, and the noise is small. The use of electrostatic precipitator can also meet the requirements of a cross-flow fan.
(2) Main filter: Remove particles smaller than 1. Any one of a high efficiency filter and an electrostatic precipitator can be used. The proportion of the electrostatic precipitator used is 90%.
(3) Activated carbon filter: After filtering through the activated carbon column through the main filter, ozone and acid gases can be removed, and dust, aerosol and steam in the gas can be purified.
(4) Pre-filters, ie primary filter and medium-efficiency filter, the purpose of the dust-free purification project is to remove particles larger than 5 in the fresh air and protect the high-performance filtration equipment thereafter.
(5) Ozone sterilization layer: ozone is generated by an ozone generator to sterilize and sterilize the air.
(6) Negative ion generator: The anion generator can make the particles floating in the air negatively charged. The dust-free purification project is to make these particles easy to be trapped or precipitated, thus making the workshop air fresher. Therefore, most air cleaning systems are equipped with a negative ion generator to improve air quality.