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What is the content of the purification project?...

Update:Aug 2018,03

The Purification equipment included in the purification […]

The Purification equipment included in the purification project includes: air shower, cargo shower, laminar flow hood, high efficiency air supply port, pressure relief valve, air volume control valve, etc. The local environmental purification level of the purification project is very high, so we introduce customers to use clean benches, clean booths and other purification equipment.
The surrounding structural materials are color steel plates and various aluminum profiles. Electrical parts: air conditioning circuit, purification equipment circuit, lighting circuit. Air conditioning ventilation: air conditioning part of the material is air conditioning host, return air duct, galvanized water pipe (or PVC water pipe), water tower, gate valve, water pump, Y-type filter, rubber soft connection, check valve, water flow switch, thermometer, Pressure gauges, filters, various tube codes. The material of the ventilation part has medium-efficiency booster box, damper, air volume control valve, primary effect rainproof louver, return air louver, primary effect filter, medium efficiency filter, high efficiency filter, laminar flow hood, heat preservation cotton, heat preservation Hose, various accessories. Ground part: epoxy floor, PVC floor, raised floor.