Operating Room Stainless Steel Products

Operating Room Anesthetist Cabinet

Operating Room Anesthetist Cabinet

Apply to class 10 to class 1000000 clean rooms, air shower, transfer window, clean bench, FFU, clean sampling car, etc.

Mainly use industries: LCD liquid crystal manufacture, bio-medicine, precision instrument manufacture, PCB printing industry, wafer processing industry, food processing industry, semiconductor processing industry, electronic factory, labs, etc.

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Performance feature:

Embedded stainless steel medicine cabinet, instrument cabinet, anesthetist cabinet: our company produced anesthetist cabinet is made of Japan craft, import stainless steel.Matte surface, not dizzy; embedded type, convenient fixing; convenient instrument management and clean; apply to all kinds of operating room functional requirements, its corner joint technique is national first class.

1.Complete functions and all are embedded structures.

2.Adopt 1.2mm import brushed stainless steel plate.

3.Brushed surface frame is 45 degree diagonal processed, elegant and beautiful.

4.The folded arc is small and smooth.

5.Pulley groove of sliding door is punch formed, no ash accumulation, convenient clean.

Class 100 laminar air flow ceiling

Class 100 laminar air flow ceiling is new generation clean air flow ceiling device based on world leading layer of preventing air-leakage technology, operating room clean air flow ceiling and zero pressure seal patented technologies. This equipment can reasonably distribute air flow in clean room to ensure cleanliness of the room effectively. It can be widely used in hospital operating room, laminar flow ward, clean animal room, etc.


Application Range

  • Hospital


  • Food processing

    Food processing

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

    Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Biological laboratory

    Biological laboratory

  • IT


  • Seedling tissue culture

    Seedling tissue culture


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Our subsidiary factory - Wujiang Fenhu Jiesen Purification Equipment Factory is specialized in producing and selling: wind (cargo) drip room, workstation, transmission window, cleaning sampling vehicle, HEPA box, air valve, fire damper, phenolic foam, early, in and high efficiency air filters, FFU clean module, dust catcher, stainless medicine cabinet, instrument cupboard, medicine cabinet, operating room pool, watch stand, aluminum profile, purification lamps, clean laminar cover, muffler, ozonator, controller, aluminum alloy shutter air return window, flowing panel, air-conditioner set, auto-door, purification fan, stainless hand washing sink, clean ground leakage and other project supporting purification equipment and accessories.

Since its establishment, the company holds the objective of "people-oriented, customer first, high-tech as forerunner", pays attention to improvement of staff's quality, observes all company's rules and regulations, provides with comprehensive package services including plant system engineering design, manufacturing, installation, debugging ,etc. which meet the international requirements and requirements of GMP regulations and also satisfy the standards of indoor air quality standard (GB\T1883-2002), standard in clean-workshop design (GB5073-2001), code for construction, acceptance of cleanroom. A large number of vigorous and effective professional and technical personnel have been gathered. And the high quality and leading position in technology have been achieved. With advanced technology and high quality service, we guarantee cost saving on quality basis. Handling the purification project to us will make you feel relieved.

Our company always follows the management theory of "seeking truth, seeking reality, innovation and leading".insist "customer first" objective. Our advanced technology, excellent quality, good management and thoughtful service has established a sound enterprise image in the purification industry. Our products are highly appreciated by majority of customers with favorable price, top quality and good after-sales service.

All of the Suzhou Jinda Treating Plant Co.LTD (Wujiang Fenhu Jiesen Purification Equipment Factory) staffs look forward to sincere cooperation with. We warmly welcome all to visit, study, business negotiations! We wish to join hands with all of you in creating clean and fresh space.

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